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November 19, 2000

The following members were present in the Baen's Bar Chat Room:

Chair, called meeting to order at 2:03 PM CST, November 19, 2000, and declared a quorum.

All relevant documentation regarding this Board will be kept by the Communications Officer; Recorder.

The Treasurer's Finance, Requirements and Technical Reports were distributed before the meeting to all board members.

Suggestion was made to have all reports as text files or posted to the email.

  1. Chair called for any corrections to last minutes. DeMarce seconded. Passed as written by Board Vote.
  2. Chair noted there would be no Board meeting on the weekend of 25-26 Nov 00 due to the holiday.
  3. Chair moved to accept Finance report as transmitted. Poggiani seconded. Passed as written by Board Vote.
  4. Chair moved to accept Requirements report as transmitted. Mayerle seconded. Passed, after discussion to move pageturner to lower priority, by Board Vote.
  5. Chair moved to accept Technical report as transmitted. Mayerle seconded. Passed, with pageturner moved to lower priority with Voice Requirement first, by Board Vote.
  6. Chair moved to add "and communicating" after reading in Mission Statement "We are Science Fiction and Fantasy fans. Some of our fellow fans have physical problems that make reading difficult. This group exists to aid our brother and sister fans with those difficulties." Mayerle moved amended Mission Statement be approved. DeMarce seconded. Passed by Board Vote.
  7. Poggiani moved to have "website under construction" posted until wording for WebPages are developed and approved. Preston seconded. Passed as written by Board Vote.
  8. Chair asked for a Lead Writer to coordinate website, and work with webmaster. Dailey volunteered to act as Lead Writer, but suggested co-chair with Poggiani.
  9. Chair called for motion to adjourn. Dailey seconded. Passed by Board Vote.

Submitted by Janet Dailey, Commo & Recorder, November 19, 2000

Reports for Nov 19 Board Minutes, consolidated.

Finance Report, submitted by Judith Lasker, November 10, 2000

  1. Need one more member.
  2. Treasurer's Report, submitted by Mike Preston November 17, 2000

Tech Report, submitted by Walt Boyes, November 17, 2000

  1. Website subcommittee, webmaster - Tina England, should have site ( up this week for approval.
  2. Attempting to contact Touchturner has no results, yet, but will continue.
  3. Has solicited a new member in Portland, OR to help investigate one of the Page-turning devices manufactured there.

Requirements Report, submitted by Jody Dorsett, November 17, 2000

  1. Received input from several BarFlies keyed into two areas, reading paper books and improving communication with others.
  2. Basic Requirements to meet Jimmy's needs:
  3. Jimmy must have a voice activated device that will to allow more comfortably access to the rest of the world.
  4. Also need to investigated a wireless mouse or trackball system and better computer control mechanism.
  5. Page turner must include adaptive technology that would allow Jimmy to actuate the page-turner, no matter what his condition degrades to. This would allow Jimmy to utilize the local library.
  6. Also having a large display would enhance his ability to read.
  7. Upgrade his current technology to a level that will withstand several years exponential growth of the IT industry.

Additional Information, submitted by Janet Dailey, November 13, 2000

  1. Dailey will work with Poggiani to develop pages for ReadAssist website.
  2. Search web for additional free ebook sites.
  3. Poggiani had requested Flint and Spehar to see what other types of needs Jimmy may have during their visit with Jimmy, early December. Specifically wanted a detailed list of titles Jimmy would like, and if he would like some pillows (wants color and size preferences).

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