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August 10, 2002

The following members were present in the Baen's Bar Chat Room:

In the absence of Chair, Pogo called meeting to order at 2:02 PM CST, August 10, 2002, and declared a quorum. All relevant documentation regarding this Board will be kept by the Communications Officer & Recorder. The Treasurer, Website, and Morgen's Contact Reports were distributed by August 10, 2002, before the meeting to all board members.

  1. Acting Chair called approval to the June 15, 2002 minutes. Boyes moved and Preston seconded. Passed by Board Vote.
  2. Acting Chair asked for approval on the reports. Dailey suggested that the emailed reports be accepted as a group comments, unless there is discussion required. Boyes moved and Kirby seconded. Passed by Board Vote.
  3. Kirby notified the Board that she would be keeping in touch with Jimmy's parents. They brought up they want to send Jimmy's e-books, and maybe some of his other things (maybe the laptop and Atlas) to her or the board. She will get more information and will discuss more at the next meeting.
  4. Acting Chair invited Traci Scroggins to talk about a silent action to benefit ReadAssist to be held at ConJose. Eric Flint, Misty Lackey, Lois Bujold, K.D. Wentworth, Toni Weisskoft, David Drake, and Mike Williamson have told Traci that they will donate items. Dailey said she would send some Eric Flint Philosophical Stranger T-shirts. Traci said she was doing fliers about the auction. Dailey said she would send Traci the blurb we use for ReadAssist, claifying our financial status - we are not a tax-exempt non-profit group. Traci will include this information to the donors of items for the auction as well as to those participating in the auction.
  5. Acting Chair asked for input/comment/approval of Jimmy's Memorial on the website. Boyes moved and Dailey seconded. Passed by Board Vote.
  6. Acting Chair set the next meeting date for September 21, 2002.
  7. Acting Chair called for motion to adjourn. Boyes seconded. Passed by Board Vote.

Submitted by Janet Dailey, Commo & Recorder, August 18, 2002.

Committee Reports

Treasurer's Report, submitted by Mike Preston, August 18, 2002.

Funds on hand this date
Funds on Hand This Date  $1,067.27
Activity Since Last Report   
Receipts: Interest Income$2.30  
Expenditures: Flowers$57.65  

/s/ Michael L. Preston, Treasurer

Website Report, submitted by Pam Poggiani, August 9, 2002.

Several other sites now have links to the website.
Requests for Link Sent Undeliverable Negative Responses Positive Responses Link Pending Next Update Links to ReadAssist
60 9 2 13 2 15


Requests were sent to e-pubs, bookstores, magazines, publishers, and fan club associations that already post links.
Of the 9 undeliverables, communication was reached with 6 on the second or third try. NESFA is one of the unattainable 3; does anyone know why their e-mail is not working? (The other two are small bookstores.)
One small publisher declared it gave links only to its authors, but that one of its authors had a link to ReadAssist on her page and the author's page gets more hits than the publisher's page does.
A London bookstore has only one link on its page, which it declares sufficient; I did not succeed in convincing that store to add ReadAssist. But the owner thanked us for the link.
From independent bookstores, mostly. Only two club associations so far. Also: Project Gutenberg, Analog, Asimov's, and three small publishers.
Links Up:
Two authors have links on their home pages: Eric Flint and J.G. Oliver (mentioned above). One small publisher's top editor has a link on her home page too. And one surprise: WiccaNet has put up a link to ReadAssist.

The next update to the website is planned for shortly after ConJose, when (I hope) some congoer will supply many URLs:

/s/ Pam Poggiani, Website Designer

Contact Report, submitted by Morgen Kirby, August 10, 2002

Jimmy's family hasn't had time to go through any of his personal effects. His father says he was unaware that the Micro had been having any problem since the last fix.

They repeated thanks for the flowers, and for the friendship offered. I'm going to be trying to keep in contact, as are they.

/s/ Morgen Kirby, Contact Coordinator

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