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February 28, 2004

The following board members arrived on time at AOL Chat Room - ReadAssist:

Lasker declared a quorum at 2:00 PM EST.

Eric Flint, Advisor, was in the area and was consulted by Dorsett.


Lasker brought up a new agenda item: Cedeno wants approval to switch to cheaper ISP after he's fully investigated. Lasker moved, Boyes seconded. Passed by board vote.


Dorsett brought up a new fund-raiser idea - auctioning off an autographed Baen book. Boyes and Dorsett would handle the process. Boyes explained: We buy a Baen book. We have the author autograph it. We auction it on Ebay. The money goes to RA. Dorsett sold two more Baen T-shirts, bought a copy of Ring of Fire after talking to Eric about it. We should be able to get all contributors to autograph it, except Dave Freer. Package shipments are pretty unreliable. Boyes will get Freer's signature on a bookplate. Dorsett will manage the shipping of RoF, and Boyes will do the auctioning. Boyes moved that we get all RoF Authors to sign the book and auction it on Ebay. We can advertise the sale on websites/lists that SF readers haunt. Payment is handled via PayPal directly to RA's bank account. Dailey seconded. Passed by board vote. We'll see how well we do with this book and if all goes well, we'll continue this fund-raiser.

Post Meeting Note: By the end of Shevacon - Eric Flint, Jody Dorsett, and Greg Donahue had autographed RoF. Dailey got DeMarce's autograph and shipped it to Dorsett to get KD Wentworth and Misty Lackey's on Mar 4th.


Lasker asked for the Treasurer to send in an updated report.

Post meeting note: Treasurer's report received and attached below:

Boyes will followup as to the current status of the ReadAssist Scholarship at Clarion West.

This meeting was adjourned at 3:35 EST.

The date of the next meeting is: March 27, 2004 at 2:00 EST.

Please note these dates on your calendars and make arrangements to attend using the same method we used today, AOL Chat Room - ReadAssist.

Committee Reports

Treasurer's Report, submitted March 11, 2004

  Deposits Expenses Balance
Previous Balance     $1,383.01
Interest 0.27    
Pay for P.O.Box   24.00  

/s/ Jody Dorsett, Treasurer

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