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March 28, 2004

The following members were there:

There was not a quorum, so no official business was conducted.

It was disappointing to only have 4 members arrive, after a sucessful meeting in February. The one item Dorsett was concerned with was the problems many of The board members have in making the Saturday meeting.

So there are the recommendations of the members in attendance. Request consideration to be made official: 1) Move time to 1400 CST on Sunday 2) Send letters to Cons for ReadAssist to be considered as the Con's charity event 3) Contact someone at LOScon for an auction 4) Post a teaser in 1632 TECH for the RoF ebay action

Dailey also mentioned that Poggiani did receive approval some months ago to purchase buttons, which she sends to volunteers who will post flyers and distribute ReadAssist bookmarks at Cons, to identify them as ReadAssist Volunteers. The volunteers are requested to forward website contacts who agree to let us put their link on our site, and hopefully THEY will post OUR link on their website.

Item for Auction

Dorsett did announce that RoF was on its way to Anette Pedersen in Denmark. She will send to Andrew Dennis in the UK (IF we can get in contact with him). RoF now has the following autographs:

Boyes has a bookplate from Freer on its way. Boyes will end up with RoF and do the auctioning, as well as the last autograph.

Dorsett will get KD Wentworth and Misty Lackey's autographs.

The follow writers have agreed to contribute:

Dailey has sent begging emails to the following, but hasn't received any replies:

Dailey has requested help from Eric in getting in contact with Weber and Dennis. Will resend this request, adding S.L. Viehl and Cresswell.

Dorsett will send out the Treasurer's Report next week, to be included in the minutes/notes of the next meeting.

This non-meeting was adjourned at 2:57 CST.

The Proposed date of the next meeting is:

May 2, 2004 at 2:00 EDT. Note:

  1. We're on Daylight Savings Time
  2. This is one hour LATER than we have been meeting, and
  3. The date is on SUNDAY, NOT on Saturday.

/s/Janet Dailey
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