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September 26, 2004

The following members were present in the ReadAssist Chatroom at 12:03 PDT:

Lasker declared a quorum at 12:05 PDT.

New Member

Teresa Cochran, AKA The Bat from Las Vegas, was invited to join ReadAssist. Dailey moved that Teresa be made a full member of the ReadAssist Board. Demarce seconded. Lasker, Mayerle, Demarce, Dailey and Dorsett voted Aye. Vote was unanious by all attending members. Teresa brings her unique abilities to the Board. She has been blind from birth and a science-fiction fan since she was very small. She has taught blind seniors to use computers for a few years. She's looking forward to gaining some organizational experience. We welcome her to the group.

Autographed Book

Dailey will start another copy of Ring of Fire to the contributing authors next week.

Position Descriptions

Still need Position Description from Demarce. Dailey will work with our newest member, after she figures out what it is.

Dailey be sending out the position descriptions this week. Please review at least your OWN description. Comments on every one's are appreciated. Expect to have them ready to review next meeting. Then they'll be posted on the website.

Webscription Project

Lasker called for a vote on whether ReadAssist will take on the Webscription Project proposed by Jim Baen and Arnold Bailey. The vote was initially started online. Dailey, Mayerle, and Spehar voted aye online. Lasker, Demarce, Dorsett and Cochran also voted aye to accept the project. A Webscriptions Subcommittee, consisting of Kirby, Cochran, and Demarce (who will head the Subcommittee), will come up with a proposed Application and application procedures for the next meeting. This Proposal, along with an advertising plan will be presented to Jim Baen, for his approval and a request for a quote to put on the application form. The items for this project needing to be completed are:

Send to Baen for info/approval; hope to have draft to review by all the board members at the Oct meeting.


Dorsett notified the group that the banking arrangements have changed. The interest rate for the amount ReadAssist has in the bank has been cut in half, to 0.25%. Unless anyone else knows of a better deal, the ReadAssist account will remain where it is. If we can raise another $1140, the interest will increase to 0.5%. Unless there are actual transactions, the treasurer's report will consist of a notice that our account changed by the small interest it has accrued.


The website is now back up. We're missing some of the pictures. Hopefully they'll be back on the website soon.

Next Meeting

Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, October 17, 2005 at 2:00 CDT (12:00 noon Pacific and 3:00 Eastern).

This meeting was adjourned at 3:52 CDT.

/s/Janet Dailey

Committee Reports

Treasurer's Report

Fri, 24 Sep 2004

Because at an interest rate of 0.5% (next month to be 0.25%) I just don't get all that excited about the effort required to report a net increase of a quarter that I have spoken of in meetings.

Here are the books:
Date Interest Balance
05/03/2004   $1,360.70
05/04/04 0.27  
05/06/04   $1,360.97
06/04/04 0.28  
06/06/04   $1,361.25
07/05.29 0.29  
07/06/04   $1,361.54
08/05/04 0.29  
08/06/04   $1,361.83
09/05/04 0.29  
09/06/04   $1,362.12

/s/ Jody Dorsett

Website Report

The website is back up. The pages of minutes and a few revised pages have been sent to the Webmaster.

The new site offers email; addresses can be set up for each officer for use on ReadAssist business.

Updates of the website pages continue.

/s/ Pam Poggiani, Website Design

Publicity Report

Now that the website is back up, I can resume sending bookmarks to volunteers for passing out at conventions . . . if I can find volunteers who will agree to glean URLs of sites for linking to in the Dealer Room. Actually, if I can get volunteers at all.

/s/ Pam Poggiani, Publicity

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