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March 19, 2005

Lasker declared a quorum at 3:00 PST. The following members were present in the ReadAssist Chatroom:

  1. Lasker requested any possible nominations for the Webmaster position. Mayerle said that he's talked with Keith McComb and he said that he could do it, if there won't be a lot of work envolved with it. Keith also has his own FTP software. Poggiani moved that Mayerle offer the job to McComb. Dailey seconded. Passed unanimously The transition committee will be headed up by Mayerle, with McComb, Poggiani, Cochran, Cedeno (the retiring Webmaster) and Dorsett.
  2. Dailey reported Ring of Fire has been sent to Dave Weber for his signature. It should go to Scott Washburn in Philadephia next. We're only about 1/3 done.
  3. Dailey will work with Poggiani and spruce up the scenarios to test the Webscription form, after it's moved under the TLC of our new Webmaster. Dorsett has the testing version of the form.
  4. Dailey will check her files for information concerning the minutes of the first meeting, October 29, 2000 for Poggiani to add to the RA archieve.
  5. Next meeting will be on SATURDAY, April 30, 2005, 12 NOON PDT, ReadAssist Chatroom (set up by Dailey).

Submitted by Janet Dailey, Commo & Recorder, April 9, 2005.

Treasurer's report, March 2005

Dorsett reported $0.25 interest income

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