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April 1, 2006

The following members were present in the ReadAssist Chatroom at

Chair called meeting to order at 2:15 PM CDT, April 1, 2006, and declared a quorum. All relevant documentation regarding this Board will be kept by the Communications Officer & Recorder.

Pam reported that she and Jonathan Guthrie (of SimDesk Technologies) have been testing the applications systems which disabled readers can apply for complimentary Webscriptions. They are still working on some bugs in the php script. Update report expected next meeting. Pam has the lead here. The webscription application can be email. Weíll have to test it, once the form itself is working well. Teresa will get the applications, recommend vetting (Janet will take the lead on managing the process, with Pam Poggiani go as backukp).

Janet reported she has more than half of the RoF bookplates back (Andrew Dennis, Annette Petersen, Dave Weber, Dave Freer, Johnathan Crestwell-Jones, Scott Washburn, & Loren Jones. Still need Virginia & Jodyís. Will send what I have and remind those still outstanding. Donít expect to hear from SL Viehl. can be set up for board members who need them. Pam and Keith will handle this.

Walt will be ebaying some signed shirts for RA (some from Ringo and some from Eric). Dailey will send some Philosophical Strangler shirts to Walt to get Ericís signature and then sell them.

Next meeting will be on SATURDAY, May 13, 2006, 1:00 PM, PDT, ReadAssist Chatroom (set up by Dailey). NOTE THIS IS AN HOUR LATER THAN WE HAVE BEEN MEETING!!!!

Submitted by Janet Dailey, Commo & Recorder, May 4, 2006. Revised, June 15.

Committee Reports

Treasury Report, January 7, 2006

Date Transaction Deposits Expenses Balance
1/4/05 Initial Balance     1,245.11
2/3/06 Interest 0.32   1,245.43
3/5/06 Interest 0.32   1,245.75
3/31/06 Donation 50.00   1,295.75

/s/ Jody Dorsett, Treasurer

SFPL Status Report

I sent a package with the Incorporation Papers to Walt Boyes for his signature as well as Eric's. Everything else is done. I had a friend, who will also be our banker, to review the package. He has been involved in many of these as they are how fundraisers are done in Oklahoma. To him it all looks good.

Once we get approved we apply for a Federal tax ID. We will also file an application to collect money for a charitable trust, which will not be a seems just a means to collect more fees for the state.

/s/ Jody Dorsett, Treasurer

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