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Jun 17, 2006

The following members were present in the ReadAssist Chatroom at

Quorum was achieved at 12:36 pm PDT.

J. Dorsett reported that the incorporation of the new parent organization, SFPL, is waiting for action on the filing by the State of Oklahoma. The next set of papers, for 501(c)3 registration, has been prepared for submission then.

J. Dorsett said that he has a number of T-shirts, with the Baen logo, that he plans to have signed by authors for sale on eBay, and that he will donate the proceeds to ReadAssist.

Poggiani reported having received two requests, via email, for inclusion in the list of links provided at the website.

The next meeting will be held on July 1, 2006, at noon PDT (3:00 EDT, 2:00 CDT), in the AIM chatroom.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:43 pm PDT.

/s/ Pam Poggiani

Status Report, Free Webscriptions

June 15, 2006

On May 15 I emailed Jim Baen and Arnold Bailey for approval on the forms. I didnít receive an answer and re-sent the email this week. If Jim is hospitalized as reported today, we may have to get an alternate approval somehow.

/s/ Judith Lasker

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