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January 20, 2007

The following members were present in the ReadAssist Chatroom:

Quorum was not called, but several items were discussed and some internal procedures were decided on.

As the Free Webscriptions application does not ask for anything that cannot be learned elsewhere (no secret words or numbers), transmission of the completed application to ReadAssist does not need to be secure. However, once received, the applications will not be kept on the server or on any hard drive, not on any medium connected to the Internet or the WorldWideWeb; all records of applicants will be kept only on external storage devices, as defense against crackers. This procedure was suggested by Poggiani (paranoia) and supported by Mayerle (knowledge).

Several individuals have emailed ReadAssist to say they would like to help. Poggiani will draft answers, and these answers will be sent to all Board members for comments and suggestions. Quickly, please! Responding to these offers soon is only polite.

Dailey responded to the author who wrote asking what could be done, asking that ReadAssist be mentioned to everyone. Poggiani will send a follow-up asking if the author would be willing to wear a ReadAssist button to conventions.

J. Dorsett reports that Science Fiction Public Library's IRS 501(c)3 form is ready to go, as soon as the fee is provided.

ReadAssist's snail-mail address will change the end of January. J. Dorsett will fill out a notice at the post office, and notify Poggiani immediately so that the webpage can be changed.

J. Dorsett also said that SFPL and RA (only a committee of SFPL) share a bank account, but with separate ledgers to keep the funds separate.

ReadAssist's website name is good until Nov 2011. McComb has not yet received the check reimbursing him; J. Dorsett will stop payment on the check already sent and send another.

C. Dorsett will have T-shirts for sale on eBay soon.

Draft minutes are to go to the members who attended that meeting, so that they can comment on and amend the minutes. One week after the draft is sent out, the final minutes will be posted at the website and all board members notified.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 3.

/s/ Pam Poggiani



Date Transaction Deposits Expenses Balance
7/6/06 Interest 0.33   $1,225.09
8/5/06 Interest 0.33   1,225.42
9/8/06 Interest 0.33   1,225.75
10/6/06 Interest 0.33   1,226.08
11/3/06 Interest 0.33   1,226.42
12/8/16 Interest 0.33   1,226.74
12/21/07 Reimburse Webmaster: domain name   $100.00 1,126.74

Our actual current balance is $1,226.74 as check to McComb has yet to clear. As soon as it does, I will be moving the account to a new bank using the SFFL EIN. We have several options that I will email before the next meeting.

/s/ Jody Dorsett, Treasurer, 13 Jan 2007


Update of a number of pages done yesterday, 1/19/07.

/s/ Pam Poggiani, Website Manager, 18 Jan 2007

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