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The meeting scheduled for July was never called, for various reasons.

August 25, 2007

The following members were present in the ReadAssist Chatroom:

Quorum was met at 2:05 CDT.

New Business

Chair asked for anything major.

C. Dorsett stated that J. Dorsett had not been able to work up a Treasurer's Report. Poggiani pointed out that J. Dorsett had emailed the board reporting expenses and a donation. Chair noted that a formal Treasurer's report should be submitted within the week.

Poggiani reported that a volunteer had asked for lots of bookmarks to pass out. Poggiani said that she would communicate with the volunteer.

Old Business

At the last meeting, a motion was passed about investigating the possibility of a blog that would provide instructions on getting hardware/software to deal with audio versions of ebooks. Nothing has been done on this matter.

It was mentioned that no minutes of the June meeting had been received. Poggiani said that she had been unable to write them as she had not received the transcript promised (she had been unable to save it herself as IE had tossed her out of the chatroom). C. Dorsett promised to send the transcript.

Poggiani reported that the Finance page of the website had not been updated as planned. C. Dorsett relayed from J. Dorsett that the parent organization, Science Fiction Public Library, is almost ready to go. It was decided that changes of the ReadAssist website to indicate ReadAssist's status as a committee of SFPL should wait until SFPL is up and running.


On behalf of J. Dorsett, C. Dorsett asked if it was known how many people are hitting the RA website per day, or if we had a counter. Poggiani said she would check with Keith and report pros and cons of having a counter (which may require cookies) in her next report.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for October 20, 2007.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:50.

/s/ Pam Poggiani, Deputy Communications



Not a report, just an email of current events.
July 18, 2007.

I've paid the bill for the ISP (which was a real PIA for reason's unknown) for ReadAssist in the amount of $72.00. I paid the next 6 month installment on the mailbox in the amount of $26.00. We received $25.00 in donations.

Net change ($73.00)

I'll provide an update at the next meeting.

/s/ J. Dorsett

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