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Officers and Directors

Evan Mayerle
Chair, Apr 2007

Teresa Cochran
Vice Chair, Apr 2007; Peer Liaison

Walt Boyes
Technical Cmte

Janet Dailey
Communications Cmte & Recorder

Jody Dorsett
Treasurer and webmaster 1 Jan 2003

Virginia DeMarce (inactive, Sep 2005)
Research/Publicity, Jun 2004

Eric Flint
Court Jester/Board Advisor

Morgen Kirby (inactive, Oct 2005)
Client Coordinator, Dec 2001

Judith Lasker

Pam Poggiani (Deceased February 15, 2011...she will be remembered)
Website Designer, Dec 2001; Publicity Deputy, Nov 2003

Mike Spehar


Requirements Committee
Jody Dorsett, Chair
Mike Spehar
Eric Flint

Technical Committee (and Gizmo Subcommittee)
Walt Boyes, Chair
Evan Mayerle, SubChair

Communications Committee
Janet Dailey, Chair
Morgen Kirby, Contact Coordinator
Pam Poggiani

Webpage Committee
Keith McComb, Webmaster
Pam Poggiani, Website Design

Publicity Committee
(no chair)
Virginia DeMarce
Pam Poggiani

Ad Hoc Webscriptions Committee
Virginia DeMarce
Teresa Cochran
Morgen Kirby