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ReadAssist and New Free eBook Program
November 14, 2006

ReadAssist will assist Baen Books in implementing Baen's free-to-the-disabled reading program. See eBooks under eAvailable Books for more information.

Jim Baen, founder of Baen Books, who passed on June 28, 2006, decided to "provide each challenged reader with a permanent pass" to the regular e-publication of Baenís new books. His successor, publisher Toni Weisskopf, is implementing his idea with this program.

Since 1999, Baen's new publications have been published as ebooks each month, in several formats, with no Digital Rights Management, through WebScriptions, for a small fee. Now, this service will be available at no cost to the disabled, who must apply for this privilege: Free WebScriptions Registration

ReadAssist will process these applications. Janet Dailey, Communications Committee, wrote the application form; Jonathan Guthrie, volunteer, wrote the script; and Teresa Cochran, Peer Liaison, will check them over and submit the approved applications to WebScriptions.

ReadAssist has initiated a new scholarship fund for applicants to Clarion West Writers Workshop, an intensive six-week workshop for writers preparing for professional careers in science fiction, fantasy, and horror, held annually in Seattle, Washington.

ReadAssist Donates to Clarion West
August 2003
Photo of presentation of check.
On August 19, 2003, at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Walt Boyes of ReadAssist presents a check for $1000 to Kate Schaefer, Clarion West Treasurer, as Eileen Gunn, Clarion West Chair, looks on.
The fund is to be used to help students with special needs attend the workshop.

"We're thrilled to receive this gift," said Kate Schaefer, Clarion West Treasurer, upon receipt of the check from ReadAssist board member Walt Boyes. "It's a terrific opportunity to increase the diversity of our applicant pool. We hope to use it to help a student who might not have applied to Clarion West because of real or perceived barriers to attendance."

The accommodations necessary for students with disabilities can range from renting a wheelchair ramp to purchasing voice recognition software to hiring a sign language interpreter or a travel companion.

For more information on Clarion West, visit the website at