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Who We Are Jimmy's Corner Record of Meetings

January 12, 2002

The following members were present in the Baen's Bar Chat Room.

Chair called meeting to order at 11:05 PM CDT, January 12, 2002 and declared a quorum. All relevant documentation regarding this Board will be kept by the Communications Officer and Recorder.

  1. Reports were sent to members before the meeting.
  2. Boyes reported that the computer technician (Barry) went over to Jimmy's and worked on his system. See Tech Report below for details. Barry didn't charge for the service call.
  3. Chair thanked the website committee for their work on the website and motioned that funds (approximately $100) be made available to pay for the next year's webhosting. Mayerle seconded. A maximum of $150 was added to the motion by the Chair and Kirby seconded. Both votes passed by Board.
  4. Chair motioned that Walt, the computer technician, and Jimmy provide a report of the problems, and actions taken to date, and that Walt see if he can provide a copy of Jimmy's warranty information. Kirby said that Jimmy didn't have a copy of the warranty. Chair will ask Walt if he has it. Still may have to depend on the computer technician being able to fix it. After receipt of the report and warranty, we may register a complaint with the BBB on the manufacturer. Dailey asked if Mayerle would help Jimmy with his report since he'd had a similar problem that he was able to fix. Passed Board vote.
  5. Chair asked Poggiani about her request to move current main page text to a secondary page and write new text for the main page. Poggiani is working on it and should have it before the next board meeting. The rest of the site (as viewed by some Board member previously) is ready to go, and Cedeno will have it up as soon as the website hosting is arranged.
  6. Chair asked for any New Business.
  7. Since Dorsett was not able to attend, he asked the Chair to pass on that he would like some discussion of new/revised goals. He was thinking particularly of websites, adaptive devices, and software that aid the disabled. Poggiani had a start on this. He also would like to talk about additional funding opportunities for the next board meeting.
  8. Dailey will not be able to attend the next meeting so Poggiani will take the minutes.
  9. Dailey motioned the meeting be adjourned. Poggiani seconded. Passed by Board Vote. Next meeting is scheduled for 11:00 a.m., February 9, 2002.

Submitted by Janet Dailey, Commo & Recorder, January 12, 2002.

Committee Reports

Treasurer's Report submitted by Mike Preston

Funds on hand: $1,114.23

Calls on funds approved by Board:

Tech Report submitted by Walt Boyes, January 8, 2002

Okay, I just talked to the guy who is looking at Jimmy's computer. He says that Jimmy apparently made a bad CD-R. The CD-R that is supposed to have all the ebooks on it crashes any machine it is put into, according to Barry from Data III. The sound card works, now that the speaker cord is plugged into the right plug (I've done that too).

Barry has been running the machine and cannot find anything wrong with it. It burns CDs just fine. Everything appears to work.

But Jimmy's ebooks appear to be lost. They are no longer on his hard drive, and the CD-R is damaged.

Barry and I can't figure out exactly what happened.

This will serve as my report, unless something new happens.

Barry says he isn't going to charge us. At least not so far.

I asked him to teach Jimmy how to do backups when he takes the machine back.

Gizmo Sub-Committee Report submitted by Evan Mayerle, January 9, 2002

Nothing new to report as of this meeting.

Commo Report, submitted by Janet Dailey, Chair

Recap since last report (December 2001):
Previous New Total
Contacts 121 44 165
Returns 23 2 25
Replies 12 2 1

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