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January 21, 2001

The following members were present in the Baen's Bar Chat Room:

Chair, called meeting to order at 2:06 PM CST, January 21, 2001, and declared a quorum.

All relevant documentation regarding this Board will be kept by the Communications Officer & Recorder. Minutes of January 14, 2001 meeting were posted to Baen's Bar on January 18, 2001.

The Treasurer/ Finance, Requirements, Technical, and Communication Reports were distributed by January 20, 2001 before the meeting to all board members.

  1. Chair called for any corrections to last minutes, DeMarce moved to accept as posted. Boyes seconded. Approved with change by Board Vote.
  2. Chair moved to accept the Finance/Treasurer Reports. Boyes seconded. Approved by Board vote.
  3. Chair called for any discussion on the Requirements Report. The major topic being coordination of hiring a technician to install and configure Jimmy's new CPU and transfer files as needed. Dorsett has reached an impasse on some of the contract conditions, not wanting to agree to an open-ended contract. Chair moved to increase the amount, by $100 for the contract in order for the negotiations to be completed. DeMarce seconded. Approved by Board Vote. Chair moved for acceptance of the Requirements Report. Lasker seconded. Approved by Board vote.
  4. Chair asked for comment on the Communications Report. Chair requested review of the follow up actions being taken. Dailey noted that contacts were being sent out and reported weekly. Email account was monitored daily with returned emails being researched, questions from groups answered with updated status noted in the weekly report. Chair moved for approval. Lasker seconded. Passed by Board Vote.
  5. Chair asked for discussion on any old business. Walt noted that progress has been halted until receipt of additional funds. Chair commented that we still need to purchase a hub to allow Jimmy to be totally wireless.
  6. Chair asked for discussion any other topic. Dailey noted that she was the only one monitoring the ReadAssist email/message board. Traffic is currently low. Considering adding more members to the committee. Will review and provide update in next weeks Commo Report.
  7. Chair announced there would be no meeting next week, January 28, 2001 due to the annual gladiator event... excuse me, the Superbowl. Reports are still due to DeMarce by January 26, 2001.
  8. Chair requested that board members must review all new business, paragraph 5 of the agenda and confirm. Reports from all members, see 5e, as to their concept of expanding the scope of Read Assist, are due to Virginia NLT January 28, 2001.
  9. Chair asked for motion to adjourn. Mayerle so moved. Lasker seconded. Approved by Board vote.

Submitted by Janet Dailey, Commo & Recorder, January 22, 2001

Reports for January 21, 2000 Board Minutes, consolidated.

Finance Report, submitted by Judith Lasker, Chair, January 20, 2001

Treasurers Report, submitted by Mike Preston, January 20, 2001

Technical Report, submitted by Walt Boyes, Chair, January 20, 2001

No new business, Jimmy's CPU should be delivered this week.

Requirement Report, submitted by Jody Dorsett, Chair, January 20, 2000

The new situation of disabled readers of Baen's Free Library has brought to the forefront some thoughts on what the committee is for. We have now taken the mammoth step forward in becoming involved in any way. The tech committee should investigate the links to "solutions" and post then accordingly. The requirements committee has been working on a report for the long term future of ReadAssist, it should be ready in one week.

The effort to acquire computer installers has met a few glitches. I refuse to agree to any quote that has an "open time" clause. I hope to have the installers on line by Monday or Tuesday of next week.

/s/ Jody Dorsett. :: who wants to know to the dollar how much it will cost to "wire" Jimmy::

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