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Who We Are Jimmy's Corner Record of Meetings

March 10, 2001

The following members were present in the Baen's Bar Chat Room:

Chair called the meeting to order at 3:17 PM CST, March 10, 2001 and declared a quorum.

All relevant documentation will be kept by the Communications Officer/Recorder. Minutes of the March 3 Meeting were posted to Baen's Bar on March 7, 2001.

The Requirements report was sent to board members on March 8, 2001. Technical and Finance/Treasurer's Reports were distributed on March 10, 2001 before the meeting to all board members.

  1. The previous meeting minutes will be reviewed by all members online and posted when approved to MoD on and will not be part of the official minutes, except as indicated in para 1 from now on.
  2. Chair called for any changes to the Treasurer/Finance Report. Mayerle moved to accept as published. Chair seconded Passed by Board vote. Chair noted the good news in the Requirements report - Jimmy's installation should be completed by Tuesday March 13, and under budget.
  3. Chair called for discussion the Gizmo report notice, to be posted to the Bar, in three conferences. Mayerle asked that any responses be forwarded to his email.
  4. Chair proposed to pay Jimmy's hotel bill at Libertycon. Dailey to contact Jimmy and see what he and his Dad plan. Mayerle moved that we pay for two hotel nights for Jimmy and his dad, dependent on their being able to accept our offer. Dailey seconded.
  5. Chair asked for discussion on incorporating, but topic was tabled waiting further information from Eric.
  6. Chair moved to adjourn at 4:51 PM. Mayerle seconded. Passed by Board vote. Next meeting date TBD.

Submitted by Janet Dailey, Commo & Recorder, March 12, 2001

Reports for March 10, 2001 Board Minutes, consolidated.

Treasurers Report, submitted by Mike Preston, March 10,2001

Source Pledged Received Spent Total
Public $666.25 $770.00    
Private $950.00 $565.00    
Unpledged $940.00 $565    
Interest Income   $13.46    
Total $2,116.25     $2,288.46
Total Spent     –$1,643.90  
Net Cash       $644.56
Credit Available   $150.00    
Total Resources Available       $1,144.56
Resources Allocated: Balance of Computer Project     –$1,500.00  
Unallocated Resource Bal       $794.56

Tech Report, submitted by Walt Boyes, Chair, March 10, 2001

On the resolution of the Board, the Tech Committee has set up a Gizmo Design Subcommittee, under the chairpersonship of Evan Mayerle to investigate producing a design, or competing designs for a bookstand or pageturning device that is better than the one that Jimmy curretnly uses, and con be produced or procured for less that purchasing one of the two commercially available pageturning devices.

Pogo Poggiani is preparing an announcement to be posted to several bar conferences regarding the design needs, to recruit engineers, inventors, and tinkerers.

Walt Boyes has purchased and is waiting for, a bookstand from Levengers, that might have promise as a design base. Jody Dorsett advises that he has been tinkering in CAD.

Requirements Report, submitted by Jody Dorsett, March 8, 2001

The installation of Jimmy's system should be complete by next Tuesday, March 13, 2001.

Commo Report, submitted by Janet Dailey, Chair, March 10, 2001

No changes.

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