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Minutes, March 15, 2003

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Who We Are Jimmy's Corner Record of Meetings

March 15, 2003

The following members were present in the Baen's Bar Chat Room on March 15:

As a quorum was not met, there was no meeting -- just 45 minutes of informal discussion.


As the convention season has already begun, the broadsheet/poster and the bookmarks (if approved) must be expedited, and a way found to get them to conventions so that SF fans hear about the ReadAssist website. Dorsett has the amateur version of the poster out to a few artists to see if any are willing to fix it up, but we may decide to go with the amateur version. Poggiani will send another copy to him (and to Kirby). Several people we know from Baen's Bar are members of committees at a few conventions... Dailey, Kirby, and Poggiani will investigate and determine how to spread the word.


Lasker heard from Boyes about the proposed scholarship; something about our choices being to provide a formal scholarship of $1,000 or to offer to help applicants with special needs. It was suggested that Boyes write a formal proposal, to be sent to all Board members, for voting by e-mail.


Dorsett mentioned fund-raising. Is anyone going to WorldCon?

Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for April 19, 2003.

In the absence of Janet Daily, these minutes are submitted by Pam Poggiani.

Committee Reports

Treasurer's Report

  Deposits Expenses Balance
Previous Balance     $2,658.93
Reimbursement to Cedeno for website expense   125.94  
Interest( 0.80    
Current Balance     $2,533.79

Website Report

March 14, 2003

We've been Googled! An independent bookstore found our website and asked for a link. Not the audience we're after, but there's hope: we have a spot in dmoz! is listed under Society/Disabled/Assistive Technology - which should help Googlers find us, as well as those using HotBot and Yahoo and all the others.

34 sites have links to us, some of them having nothing to do with reading or SF - they just like to have links.

Primary websites for diseases and conditions are hard to find, even with the reference books handy. I'm still working on this list of sites to ask for links to us.

I have found more SF places to link to and ask for links back from. Two responses were very nice: Planet Magazine said they would run my letter as a "to the editor" in the March issue. Leading Edge, the mag of the BYU club, said "We'd be honored to post a link to your site. Your work and efforts are very commendable. Keep up the great work!"

/s/ Pam Poggiani, Website Designer

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