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Who We Are Jimmy's Corner Record of Meetings

April 22, 2001

The following members were present in the Baen's Bar Chat Room:

Chair, called meeting to order at 3:15 PM CDT, April 22, 2000, and declared a quorum.

All relevant documentation regarding this Board will be kept by the Communications Officer & Recorder. Minutes of April 1, 2001 meeting were posted to Baen's Bar on April 5, 2001.

  1. Chair dispensed with the Reports.
  2. Chair called for any news on the gizmo (pageturner) front. No one had any input or new suggestions.
  3. Chair asked if there were any changes concerning Jimmy and Tom's travel to LibertyCon. Dailey noted there were no changes to any of the arrangements.
  4. Chair asked for discussion on the ReadAssist table and brochure. Dorsett moved to accept Poggiani's plan and purchase red/black print on bond paper brochures; cost $145.95 total. Chair proposed an amendment to read up to $150. Mayerle seconded. Passed by Board vote.
  5. Chair asked about financing of Jimmy and Tom's travel to LibertyCon. Dailey asked about payment of the second room night. Payment for the first night was made as the reservation was made. The balance should be about $67.40. Eric volunteered to cover it. Lasker so moved and Mayerle seconded. Passed by Board vote.
  6. Chair asked Dorsett on his ideas for ReadAssist T-shirt. Dorsett noted he has posted details at the MOD conference in the Bar.
  7. Chair called for discussion on Benetech information forwarded by Flint Apr 17. Boyes saw no problems with it, would clear it with Tina England and see what happens.

Submitted by Janet Dailey, Commo & Recorder, April 22, 2001

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