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Who We Are Jimmy's Corner Record of Meetings

December 17, 2000

The following members were present in the Baen's Bar Chat Room:

Chair, called meeting to order at 2:08 PM CST, December 17, 2000, and declared a quorum.

All relevant documentation regarding this Board will be kept by the Communications Officer & Recorder. Minutes of December 3, 2000 meeting were posted to Baen's Bar on December 8, 2000.

The Treasurer, Finance, Requirements and Technical Reports were distributed by December 15, 2000, before the meeting to all board members.

  1. Chair called for any corrections to last minutes. One correction to members going to visit Jimmy. Poggiani moved to accept minutes with change. Mayerle seconded. Approved with change by Board Vote.
  2. Chair moved to accept Finance/Treasurer Reports. Poggiani seconded. Passed as written by Board Vote.
  3. Chair moved to accept Requirements report as transmitted. Boyes seconded. Passed by Board Vote.
  4. Chair moved to accept the Technical Reports. There were no changes to the previous Technical Report as transmitted. Boyes seconded. Passed by Board Vote.
  5. Chair asked for comment on the Commuications Plan. Chair requested weekly reports. Preston moved to accept. Boyes seconded. Passed by Board Vote. Planning for the website will continue until webmaster returns after the holidays.
  6. Chair asked for discussion about purchasing items as identified on the Requirements Report. Boyes requested that the Tech Committee make the final decision on exact brand to purchase following specific funding approval from the Board Preston pointed out that we have the funds to purchase everything, except the pageturner. Dorsett volunteered to meet the technician installing the items for Jimmy in Jackson. Poggiani moved to authorize the Tech Committee to purchase a CPU, HandsOff, wireless trackball, Via Voice software and hire installation—total cost no to exceed current funds. Dorsett seconded. Passed by Board Vote.
  7. Chair reminded everyone there would be no meeting December 24 and reports are due December 27.
  8. Preston asked for permission to post a notice on Baen's Bar for the remaining pledges to be mailed and when the trip report to Jimmy's will be released.
  9. Chair declared the meeting adjourned when the chat room exceeded its capacity.

Submitted by Janet Dailey, Commo & Recorder, December 19, 2000

Reports for December 17, 2000 Board Minutes, consolidated.

Finance Report, submitted by Judith Lasker, December 15, 2000

Treasurers Report, submitted by Mike Preston, December 15, 2000

  1. Finances

Tech Report, submitted by Walt Boyes, Chair, December 15, 2000

No new business, pending results of the visit with Jimmy.

Requirements Report, submitted by Jody Dorsett, Chair, December 15, 2000

  1. Basic Requirements to meet Jimmy's needs, in order of preference:
  2. To accomplish the above requirements and after review of Jimmy's current system, the following steps are proposed:
  3. Walt Boyes submitted the following estimated costs for the items in 2.
    Sony Vaio J120 $900
    Zygo HandsOff! $450
    IBM Via Voice $150
    Wireless Mouse+trackball $60
    Shipping $50
    Geek Time (5 hr @ $50/hr $250
    Subtotal $1860
    Zygo GEWQ $3,500
    Touchturner $90

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