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Who We Are Jimmy's Corner Record of Meetings

December 31, 2000

The following members were present in the Baen's Bar Chat Room:

Chair, called meeting to order at 2:07 PM CST, December 31, 2000, and declared a quorum.

All relevant documentation regarding this Board will be kept by the Communications Officer & Recorder. Minutes of December 17, 2000 meeting were posted to Baen's Bar on December 28, 2000.

The Treasurer/Finance Report was distributed by December 27, 2000, and the Requirements Report and Communicationn Plan on Dec 29, 2000 before the meeting to all board members.

  1. Chair called for any corrections to last minutes, DeMarce moved to accept as posted. Preston seconded. Approved with change by Board Vote.
  2. Chair moved to accept Finance/Treasurer Reports. Preston wanted to officially acknowledge volunteer labor and unreimbursed expenses incurred by various board members. Preston also pointed out there are pledges that are still unfilled, but even then, we need at least $400 more to purchase a pageturner for Jimmy. DeMarce moved to accept annotated report, acknowledging the volunteer labor and with annotated wording. Lasker seconded. Annotated report approved by Board vote.
  3. Chair called for any discussion on any old business. There were was no Technical report since the Technical Chair was unavailable. The Requirements report had no new business. Both committees will be completing acquisitions already approved and scheduling their installation with Jimmy. There was a donation of a useable laptop for Jimmy to use as a reader, separate from his PC. Requirements Chair will be coordinating delivery to Jimmy when he returns.
  4. Chair asked for comment on the Communications Plan. Chair requested weekly reports and to have Lasker review the proposed recipients before contact is made. Chair requested efforts to assist Jimmy in setting up elibrary be moved to Requirements Chair. Descriptions of websites will be rewritten. Permission has been requested from Jim Baen to allow mention of Baen and the Free Library. Lasker moved to accept plan pending Jim's approval and detailed review of the plan by board members. Preston seconded. Passed by Board Vote. Planning for the website will continue until webmaster returns after the holidays.
  5. Chair asked for discussion about just having report updates and no board meeting Jan 7. There were no objections. Reports are due to all board members by January 7, 2001.
  6. Chair asked for motion to adjourn. Dailey so moved. Lasker seconded. Approved by Board vote.

Submitted by Janet Dailey, Commo & Recorder, January 2, 2001

Reports for December 31, 2000 Board Minutes, consolidated.

Finance Report, submitted by Judith Lasker, Chair, December 27, 2000

Treasurers Report, submitted by Mike Preston, December 27, 2000

  1. Income
    Interest Income $3.79
  2. Expenses
    Item Debit/Credit Balance
    Total Spent (for Zygo HandsOff!) –$400.00  
    Net Cash $1,653.79  
    Credit Available $500.00  
    Total Resources Available   $2,153.79
    Resources Allocated:    
         To WebSite –$200.00  
         Balance of Computer Project –$1,500.00  
    Total Allocated –$1,700.00  
    Unallocated Resources:    
         Cash $203.79  
         Credit $250.00  
    Current Balance   $453.79
  3. Persons who have not sent in the pledged amount have not yet been contacted.

Tech Report, submitted by Walt Boyes, Chair, December 1, 2000

No new business, continuing acquisition efforts already approved.

Requirements Report, submitted by Jody Dorsett, December 2, 2000

No new business or changes in old business.

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