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Except for World Science Fiction Convention and World Fantasy Convention, the links below are to websites of clubs or groups of clubs that supply links to the home pages of upcoming conventions in their area.

Last revised: January 15, 2008.

World Fantasy Convention
Links to the webpages for the actual annual conventions.

World Science Fiction Society
The organization which governs, but does not run, the annual WorldCon.

Australian science fiction newsletter and info sheet.

The UK, European and World Science Fiction Convention Listing from The Secret Masters of Fandom.

Conventions in and near (Texas definition) Central Texas are included on this page of the Fandom Association of Central Texas.

Conventions on the U.S. West Coast.

Northeast Science Fiction Conventions
A convention calendar for the northeastern United States and Canada.

Northwest Science Fiction Resources
Northwest United States convention calendar.

New Picofarad's recurring convention list
Searchable list of cons everywhere by type, date, place.

San Diego Fandom
Clubs and conventions in California.

SciFi Conventions
General information about SF conventions: what they are, why to go, how to dress, etc. And a calendar.

The Southern Fandom Resource Guide
A convention calendar for the southeastern United States.

The links listed above are provided for your information. ReadAssist does not endorse any product or service offered in these websites. Please read all information (including privacy and customer information, warranties and product descriptions) carefully. While ReadAssist makes every effort to be sure all links are to current websites, we cannot guarantee such.