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Homepage for Science Fiction and Fantasy

www.sff.net Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Millitery, Romance, Reading, Writing, Publishing

New England Science Fiction Association, Inc.
usseaglencc1719a@hotmail.com Terry & Teresa Ramalli
cd_starfleet@hotmail.com Cathy Dailey
admandysams@startrekmail.com Adm Andy Samms, Operations SFC

Australian Fannish Email Directory
(Perry Middlemiss, PMiddlem@vcrpmrkt.telecom.com.au, larrikin@ncc1701.apana.org.au

Bab5OZ-The Babylon 5 Fan Club for Australia
Aaron Brockbank, organiser@bab5oz.hl.com.au

Baltimore Science Fiction Society bsfs@access.digex.net

British Fantasy Society The British Fantasy Society... exists to promote and enjoy the genres of fantasy, science fiction and horror in all its forms. We are well supported by the publishing industry and have many well-known authors as members, not least our president Ramsey Campbell.

Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society, Inc. (CASFS) "We're the sponsor of ConNotations, SmerfCons, HexaCons, CopperCons, and other conventions. We also sponsored the 1982 and 1992 Westercons and the 1987 NASFiC..." The site includes an on-line version of ConNotations, and a convention list.

Christian Fans of Sci-Fi and Fantasy "It's a site/mailing list/club for Christian Fans of Sci-fi and Fantasy."
(Andrew Wooldridge, andreww@c2.org)

Cyberspace Starport "Steve Savitzky is creating a "Cyberspace Starport", whose list of fannish home pages will probably remain really small since he charges to get listed there. On the other hand, it might be a good deal for fannish businesses that want a web page and don't have a web server."
(Steve Savitzky) Dublin University Science Fiction Society (Duncan sick Healy, dunc@maths.tcd.ie)

European Science Fiction Society (ESFS) (Neyir Cenk Gokce, wwwsffs@knidos.cc.metu.edu.tr

Falcon Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (Halifax, Nova Scotia) "Falcon Science Fiction and Fantasy Society is a non-profit group which organizes events for fans of science fiction and fantasy. We focus on games, art, writing, costumes, demos and discussion panels. We emphasize Canadian talent and local involvement."
(Les Mills, les.falcon@ns.sympatico.ca)

FANAC FanHistory Archives "This site is devoted to the preservation and distribution of information about science fiction and science fiction fandom. Here you might find your favorite fanzine, pictures from the 1992 Worldcon, the words to an early filk song, information about an SF con near you AND all sorts of strange and wonderful information about fandom's past. And the present, too, because that's tomorrow's past."
(Joe Siclari, jsiclari@icanect.net; Jack Weaver, jackw@ibm.net)

The Fandom Association of Central Texas, Inc. "The Fandom Association of Central Texas, Inc. is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the promotion of science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction. We sponsor many activities aimed towards furthering the cause of literacy and the enjoyment of the genres. One example is ArmadilloCon, our annual literary conference."
(Earl Cooley III, shiva@io.com)

Fandom Domain: Links of Interest to Fandom "The Links of Interest to Fandom site contains a large number of links to web sites of interest to science fiction, fantasy, and horror fans of all types. Here's a list of the major subject areas covered by this index: Anime; Apas and Mailing Lists; Art and Artists; Authors; Awards; Clubs; Conventions; Fans and Fandom; Fanzines; Filk Music; Furry Fandom; Gaming; Gothic; Muds, Mushes, and Moos; Newsgroups; Online Fiction; Other SF/F Archives; Publishing Houses; Reviews; and Specific Fandoms (Literature, Star Trek, Star Wars, TV Shows, etc.)."
(Randall Stukey, graylensman@delphi.com)

OFandom Domain: Pern Fandom "Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern stories have attracted a fan following almost from the publication of "Weyr Search" in the October 1967 issue of Analog magazine. This portion of Fandom Domain will probably tell you more than you want to know about the various types and aspects of Pern fandom." Has sub-pages and links for Fan Fiction Clubs, Pern MUSHes and MOOs, Pern Online services, Pern Fandom News Wire, IRC Chat, Newsgroups. Run by the same guy who used to run "DragonWeb Pern Fandom."
(Randall Stukey, graylensman@delphi.com, lensman@texas.net)

Fannish E-Mail Directory, interactive web version "Use this web version of the directory to 'click-and-send' messages to folks and surf web sites all around the world." The text version is also still available at osfci.org (also available via ftp), and there's a UK mirror site (ftp available).
(John Lorentz, john_lorentz@planar.com , jlorentz@spiritone.com, jrlorentz@aol.com, j.lorentz@genie.com)

Fantales "assorted stories submitted by fans."
(R.L. Smith-Graham, roc@smithway.org)

Fantek "FanTek is a Group of Friends who don't quite fit in anywhere else. If you have ever felt that way too, please contact us! We do lots of SF, Fantasy, Computers, Costumes, Cooking, Hi-tech and Science stuff, and anything Strange and Unusual that catches our attention long enough. We do 3 cons a year now, near Washington DC usually, plus lots of other Fun Events all year long. You are Invited! (yes, this means you!)"
(Bruce Evry, bruce@fantek.org)

Fanzines and Web Pages
(Marc Ortlieb, mortlieb@vicnet.net.au)

Fellowship of Middle Earth, Clayton, Victoria, Australia "The Fellowship of Middle Earth, also know as FOME is Monash University's fantasy and science-fiction society, Our activities include discussing written, film and TV fantasy and science fiction, dressing up in cloaks and watching the aforementioned film and TV together. We are also, to some extent, a social club. Anyone interested in attending one of our meetings may feel free to do so."

Forodrim, The Stockholm Tolkien Society "Forodrim, The Stockholm Tolkien Society, is a non-confessional, non-political association for people who love the works of the British author and philologist J.R.R. Tolkien and fairy-tales in general. The word Forodrim is Sindarin Elvish, one of the languages invented by Tolkien for his fictitious peoples, and it means People of the North. Tolkien lived between 1892 and 1973, Forodrim was founded in 1972."
(Martin Rundkvist, merry@augs.se)

Society of Sydney, Ian Woolf, ian@progsoc.uts.edu.au

Galadrim: University of Delware's Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming Society
(Adam J. Cohen, dragonz@udel.edu)

Chimeracon "Hi. My name is Laura Haywood (UNC class of 1990, Chimeracon VI manager) and I have taken on the task of documenting nearly 2 decades of science fiction, fantasy, and horror fandom at UNC-Chapel Hill, first as the UNC Science Fiction and Fantasy club, then as Chimera, and now as a lost cause waiting for some starry-eyed underclassman to take it in hand (please?). The archive would not be possible if not for all of you who were willing to talk with me and share your memories, artwork, photos, newspaper articles, etc. This is your site."
(Laura Haywood, lghaywoo@email.unc.edu)

ICON Science Fiction, Inc. "Our nonprofit organization based on Long Island, NY sponsors the annual I-Con convention held at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. We also produce the television show Infinite Possibilities a 30-min monthly magazine style show about Science Fiction, Fact and Fantasy. Other activities include movie runs, barbecues, going to other conventions and just having fun."

ISFiC Illinois Science Fiction in Chicago (Rick Waterson) Imperial College Science Fiction, London "ICSF is the society at Imperial College that will interest you if you read science fiction, fantasy, horror, or for that matter anything at all. Our pride and joy is an excellent library of 3000 plus books(with a few vids and graphic novels too), which we would very much like to see used. We also, when possible, show old SF films, either at ICU Cinema or on video, and to a lesser extent TV stuff."

The Incomplete Guide to Contemporary Canadian Science Fiction Fandom "This is an attempt to bring together information for science fiction fans that tends to drift apart: lists of recent Aurora Award winners, recipients of the Canadian Unity Fan Fund, French-language Canadian SF Awards, clubs, conventions, and fanzines. Also we want to bring together congoers who want to wear tuxedo costumes and give a touch of class to the Nanaimo Bathtub Race."
(Garth Spencer, rsn@vcn.bc.ca, hrothgar@vcn.bc.ca)

ISFA, Irish Science Fiction Association
(Padraig O'hIceadha, padraigo@itc.icl.ie

The Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy
(Nir Yaniv, ny@actcom.co.il)

Jyväskylä Science Fiction Society "42" Note: Finnish language.
(Otto J. Makela, otto@jybox.jyu.fi)

Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society
(Keith Stokes, sfreader@unicom.net)

lASTSFA - Latham, Albany, Schenectady, Troy Science Fiction Association "LASTSFA is an SF fan club in the Capital District of New York State. We put on the Albacon science fiction convention and hold monthly meetings (with occasional guests)."
(Chuck Rothman, rothman@sff.net)

Libertarian Futurist Society "LFS was founded in 1982 to recognize and promote libertarian science fiction and presents the annual Prometheus Award for best libertarian novel and Hall of Fame Award for best classic novel of liberty, and publishes the quarterly journal, Prometheus.
(Anders Monsen, amonsen@aol.com)

Los Angeles Filkers Anonymous (Blars Blarson) Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS) Home Page (suggest@lasfs.org)

Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc. "The organization that ran Noreascon Two, Noreascon Three and is bidding for Boston in 2001."
(Sharon Sbarsky, sbarsky@world.std.com)

Melbourne Science Fiction Club
(Cheryl Morgan, 100610.3413@compuserve.com)

Memphis Science Fiction Association
(Franklin Jordan, fjordan@netten.net)

Middle Tennessee Science Fiction Society "Nashville SF Club and BEMS are no more. Middle Tennessee Speculative Fiction Society is on hiatus. There is a new club in town. Bringing together the marriage of chaos and order: The Middle Tennessee Science Fiction Society." Has the club's newsletter Kronos and links to other fannish groups in the Nashville area.
(D A Hussey, bemscribe_too@hotmail.com)

Midwest Science Fiction Fantasy Association clubzine To Be Continued
(Rich Jervis, voyager@irishmvs.cc.nd.edu)

MIT Science Fiction Society Homepage (Marcus Sarofim) "The world's largest open-shelf collection of science fiction is the MIT Science Fiction Society Library... Anyone can come and browse whenever the Library is open (see the schedule) and members can borrow from our circulating section. Membership is solely a matter of dues and is not restricted to MIT students. MITSFS publishes a fanzine, the Twilight Zine, which eagerly welcomes contributions of stories, artwork, book reviews, or anything else sf-related. Just send mail to mitsfs@athena.mit.edu letting us know you've got something."

Mythopoeic Society "The Mythopoeic Society is a non-profit educational organization devoted to the study, discussion and enjoyment of myth and fantasy literature, especially the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams. The Society publishes 3 magazines and sponsors local, mail, and on-line discussion groups as well as an annual Mythopoeic Conference."
(Eleanor Farrell, emfarrell@earthlink.net)

National Fantasy Fan Federation "The National Fantasy Fan Federation came into existence in April of 1941, making it one of the oldest of fandom organizations still in operation. N3F is a gathering place for people looking for others who share the same interests for the discussion, review, and critique of Science Fiction and Fantasy in all medias..."
(Laura, laura@getonthe.net)

National Science Fiction and Fantasy Society of Canada "The Society is a national, non-profit organization. Our membership consists of science fiction and fantasy professionals, readers, writers, other media artists and enthusiasts. The Society will carry out activities to promote awareness, appreciation and growth of speculative fiction and other imaginative works in Canada."
(Alex von Thorn, alex@worldhouse.com)

The Neutral Zone nzone@iinet.net.au

New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA)
(Ben Yalow, ybmcu@panix.com)

New Jersey Science Fiction Society - NJSFS. "NJSFS is a small, non-profit, SF/Fantasy/Horror literary society. Its monthly meetings feature authors and artists in this genre as guest speakers."
(Karen Tellefsen, kat@mordor.com)

Dick Lynch's 1960s History of Fandom outline (R.L. Smith-Graham, roc@smithway.org Northeast Science Fiction Clubs "Science fiction clubs in Northeast United States and Canada."
)Sharon Sbarsky, sbarsky@world.std.com)

Northwest Science Fiction Society (NWSFS)
Jack Beslanwitch, jack@webwitch.com

The Oberon Group/USS Oberon
Debi Gold, syrgrad@ix.netcom.com, micky26@geocities.com

Other Fannish Stuff Reference materials, fanzines on-line, and fannish home pages.
(Roxanne Smith-Graham, roc@smithway.org)

Other*Worlds*Cafe "A science fiction online chat group that meets on AOL."
Jenna Rodriguez, JNRChip@aol.com

Oxford University (UK): Douglas Adams Society

Oxford University (UK): Taruithorn (Tolkien Society)
(Andrew McMurry, mcmurry@physics.ox.ac.uk)

PARSEC home page Pittsburgh Area Real-time Scientifiction Enthusiasts Club.
(Kevin A. Geiselman, kordite@fyi.net)

The Philosophical Theory of Fan History by Arnie Katz
(R.L. Smith-Graham, roc@smithway.org)

Phoenicians' Home Page "Welcome to the homepage of The Phoenicians, the NorthWest Kent Science Fiction Society. We meet on the second Thursday of the Month, in the Royal Oak public house, Bexley Road, Northumberland Heath, from about 8:30 pm onwards. The name comes from 'The Phoenix' - the pub in Dartford where we used to meet..."
(Matt Freestone, phoenicians@matthewf.demon.co.uk)

Psi Phi - Bradley's Science Fiction Club "Psi Phi is a general Science Fiction club, but our strongest draw is definitely Star Trek."
)David Henderson, davidh@rhf.bradley.edu )

Research Triangle Science Fiction Society "The RTSFS exists to provide a discussion forum and social outlet for like-minded Triangle-wide fans of speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror) in print, film and TV, as well as for related activities such as RPG's. We are a new organization, having held our debut meeting Tuesday, August 19th, 1997, at the Barnes and Noble store in the New Hope Commons shopping center in Durham [North Carolina]."
(Laura Haywood, lghaywoo@email.unc.edu; Paul Cory, paulcory@mindspring.com

Rochester Fantasy Fans Rochester and Western New York science fiction club.
(John Hall, john@kodak.com , ralston@aol.com)

San Diego Area Fandom (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Gaming) Has listings for general interest fan clubs, Trek clubs, other fannish organization, other groups of interest, gaming groups, and even BBS listings. I had no idea there were so many different clubs down in San Diego...
(James H. Hay, jameshay@znet.com)

Science Fiction Association (Singapore) "We meet about once a month and have a monthly (online) newsletter, Event Horizon, and an e-mail mailing list. For more details, send a blank e-mail to info@sfas.org.sg . Please e-mail us at committee@sfas.org.s g if you plan to visit Singapore and want to spend some time with like-minded people."
(Soh Kam Yung, firstspeaker@geocities.com ; webmaster@sfas.org.sg )

The Science Fiction Forum of The State University of New York at Stony Brook "The Science Fiction Forum at Stony Brook (SFF) is a multifaceted organization / club at SUNY Stony Brook. The purpose of the SFF is to make science fiction and fantasy available to those who are interested. We accomplish this by maintaining a science fiction, fact, fantasy and horror lending library (the largest on the East Coast), showing films and videotapes, and by organizing various science fiction related activities and events whenever possible."

(Skippy@sf4m.org, web@sf4m.org)

SF Fantasy Cardiff "SF Fantasy Cardiff is a club for anyone who has an interest in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Horror, Telefantasy, Animation, Comic Books, Cult Films and Television. Meetings are held fortnightly on alternative Saturdays... Founded in 1988 we were formally Cardiffs Doctor Who local group, but as time passed the club developed an interest in other types of speculative fiction and thus in 1992 SF Fantasy Cardiff was born."
(Jonathan "Jonjo" Jones, jonesjd@cardiff.ac.uk)

SF SIG (Special Interest Group) of Australian Mensa "Publishes the fanzine Ibn Qirtaiba. It covers all forms of science fiction, speculative fiction and science fantasy, including both literary and media, high-brow and low-brow."
(Jeremy Malcolm, terminus@odyssey.apana.org.au)

The Slan Shack a collection of fannish URLs and home pages
(Laurie D. T. Mann, lmann@city-net.com)

The Society for the Furtherance and Study of Fantasy and Science Fiction (SF3) "The heart of Madison fandom," SF3 is home to WisCon; the James Tiptree, Jr. Award; and the Monthly SF Book Circle.
(Bill Humphries, whumphri@eprinet.epri.com)

South Florida Science Fiction Society "We have a web page, run a convention (Tropicon) and do a bunch of typical fannish stuff." (Nick Simicich, njs@scifi.squawk.com ; sfsfs@scifi.squawk.com Southwest Texas State University Science Fiction/Fantasy Society Home Page. "It is primarly made up of a number of links related to the Science Fiction and Fantasy fields, including a number of club related subjects, including their on going Live Action Vampire game."
(Eric Bresie, sffs@dali.math.swt.edu)

Stardel Clubhouse "I have just set up a web page for regular Fannish get-togethers, like club meetings, and what not... This is not to address cons and other large annual meetings... I would like to collect information on clubs, or semi-organized groups of fans, that are open to visiting fans. This should also provide an opportunity to see if there are fan groups active in your area that you may not know about."
(Jack Heneghan, jack@stardel.com )

STAR OKC Homepage "...One of central Oklahoma's oldest and finest science-fiction and fantasy fan clubs. Founded in 1973 as a branch of the national Star Trek Association for Revival, STAR OKC has since broadened beyond the acronym to encompass all areas of science-fiction and fantasy fandom. Our wide spectrum of interests makes it likely that new members will find kindred spirits in any area of fandom, including Star Trek, Babylon 5, Dr. Who, Japanese animation, movies, science-fiction, fantasy and horror literature, comics, gaming, and science-fiction and fantasy art and music."
(Paul Cherry, starokc@aol.com)

S.T.A.R. San Diego "The official website of San Diego's largest SF/Fantasy fan society."
(Randy Gill, rdgill@earthlink.net)

Stilyagi Air Corps Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association (Chad Childers)

Stone Hill Science Fiction Association SF&F; Club local to Tampa Bay. SF links, Costuming info and links, info about NECRONOMICON '96, Monthly Newsletter: Stone Hill Launch Times.
(Lauren Podolak, milieux@digital.net)

Swarthmore Warders of Imaginative Literature (SWIL) (Melissa Binde, webmaster@terindell.com ; Joe Robins, jmrobins@sccs.swarthmore.edu ; Erik Rosolowsky, eros1@sccs.swarthmore.edu Telefantasy Appreciation Society of Canada (TASC) "A Canadian science fiction fan society for fans of classic and current British and American science fiction, fantasy, telefantasy and cult television programs."
(Bob Furnell, bobfurnell@bc.sympatico.ca)

Telgar Weyr (Fifth Pass)
(Deborah Fredericks, dfred@comtch.iea.com)

Then A history-in-progress of British science fiction fandom, in four parts.
(Rob Hansen, rob@fiawol.demon.co.uk)

Timebinders "A Web area for discussion of fannish history and how to preserve it."
(Laurie D. T. Mann, lmann@city-net.com )

Time Meddlers of Los Angeles/Outpost Gallifrey "The Home of L.A. Doctor Who Fandom: Gallifrey Conventions, The Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, and Ambrosia Comics and Collectables."
(Shaun Lyon, jslyon@concentric.net

Tolkien societies List of societies devoted to mythopoeic literature, the writings of J R R Tolkien, or of related authors. (Richard Leyton)

The Tolkien Society "The Tolkien Society is an international organisation registered in the U.K. as a charity... Our aim is the furtherance of interest in the life and works of the late Professor J.R.R. Tolkien C.B.E."

UK Science Fiction Fandom Archives at Glasgow University An archive of fan material. Includes back issues of Dave Langford's newsletter Ansible. "..the entire second series of Ansible (51-90) ought now to be accessible... (Also including the printed edition's graphics, the current GUFF ballot, Thog's Masterclass and other frivolity. Warning: contains rampant "Dan Steffan for TAFF" propaganda.)" (Naveed Khan)

UK University SF Societies Directory A list of science fiction societies attached to universities in the UK, with contact names, address and e-mail addresses.
(Gareth Rees, Gareth.Rees@cl.cam.ac.uk)

UniSFA "UniSFA is the Science Fiction and fantasy club of the University of Western Australia. We provide for our members an extensive lending library, a place to meet (with couches), discount soft-drinks and numerous social functions... Despite the fact that many believe UniSFA was created just to keep the Science Fiction and Fantasy fans of UWA segregated from the rest of the campus, the society has flourished over the past 16 years."
(Shay Telfer, shay@cs.uwa.edu.au; Andrew McColl, skippy@ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au)

The United Federation of Phoenix "The United Federation of Phoenix is a Star Trek and general Science Fiction fan club that meets in the Phoenix Arizona area every 2 weeks. We have been meeting regularly for just over 20 years, which makes us one of the oldest ST clubs in the country. We are not affiliated with any other organization. We have no restrictions to join."
(Jim Strait, strait@primenet.com )

Washington Science Fiction Association "WSFA is Washington D.C.'s oldest science fiction club and hosts the annual convention Disclave."
(John Pomeranz, bungalow@radix.net)

The West Lodge Doctor Who Fan Club, Perth Australia. "The West Lodge is Perth's only Doctor Who fan club. The club was founded in 1983 by William Duffy who was interested in the series. Meetings were first held at people's houses, until numbers became too large and the club moved its meetings..."
(Simon the Null Smurf, null@ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au)

Who's Who in SF Fandom "This directory is intended as a research and reference resource for those interested in Science Fiction fandom rather than as a collection of individual home pages... To be included in this directory, you must have been active in SF fandom, by which we mean you must have written or drawn for fanzines, or been on the committees of SF conventions, or played an active role in your local fan group, etc. Merely being a passive consumer of SF books or TV is not sufficient. If you would like to be included in this directory and believe you meet these criteria, please e-mail the text of your entry (which must resemble those already here), including the URL of any existing home page, to Rob Hansen..."
(Rob Hansen, rob@fiawol.demon.co.uk)

Wollongong Anime and Manga Society, Wollongong, Australia Luke Mason, llm01@uow.edu.au ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha (Douglas Adams fan club) the Official Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Appreciation Society. "Do you know where your towel is? Owning a towel is not obligatory for ZZ9 members, although the absence of one could put you at a bit of a disadvantage because they are, of course, the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch hiker can have. Being able to quote bits of Hitch Hiker's Guide is not obligatory either but you can if you want to."


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