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Is's website of help to you? If you know of any sites for science fiction or fantasy e-books (or short stories) or for any assistive devices, please let us know.



Donations, in U.S. Money only, please, may be made on-line (PayPal), or by check or money order sent via snail-mail.

c/o SFPL
121 Danbury Dr.

Boardman, Oh 44512

ReadAssist is a committee of Science Fiction Public Library, which is incorporated as a non-profit. Its non-profit status is pending; when it is registered as a 501(c)3, donations will be tax-deductible, and retroactive to the beginning of the year in which the registration is approved.

ReadAssist does not collect information from individual donors through this website. Information by name, address and amount donated is maintained in the Treasurer's records. The information is reported to the Finance Committee and the board only in broad categories and without individual mention. The reports are available for inspection upon request.

If you have questions about, ask the Commications officer:

If you want to recommend a website for inclusion in's lists, or if you have a comment about an existing listing, write the Website