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Last revised: January 15, 2008.

Change How to Choose Appropriate Adapted Technology

An article by Kelly Pierce on how not to buy something best left in its box.

Axistive Assistive Technology News Portal

Website providing news and reviews on assistive technology.

Using a Computer


Assistive technology for physical access to computers. A Canadian company; page in French and English versions.

New Conversay

Providing solutions that enable voice interaction with networked information, including the Internet where other interfaces are difficult or impossible.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Work with PCs using Windows entirely by voice.


Computer peripherals, like cordless keyboards and mice. Regional offices around the world; websites tailored for individual countries and languages.


Head-pointing, large-key keyboard, on-screen keyboard, more.


Optical tracking systems: a hands-free mouse; head tracking.

Prentke Romich Company

Augmentative communication solutions, and accessories; computer access hardware and software.

Via Voice

IBM speech recognition software lets you use the power of your voice to surf the Web, execute online transactions, dictate text and access information by speaking into a computer microphone, mobile device or a telephone handset.


Manipulating Books

Adapt-A-Lap, Inc.

A light-weight portable desk that supports books and portable computers at the height and angle desired.

Atlas Ergonomic Book & Copy Holders

Several designs, with accessories. Different heights and angles. Adaptable for limited hand strength; survives mouth sticks.


Holds a book and turns its pages. Controlled with single lever, large target, or sip and puff.



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