Meeting of the Barfly Arthritis Endeavor Now (B.A.E.N.) Board Committee, February 24, 2001

The following members were present in the Baen's Bar Chat Room:

  1. Because only two voting members were present, all participants felt that there weren't enough members to continue. Pogo had asked if there had been any discussion her earlier layout for the ReadAssist website. Dailey had not recalled one.. All relevant documentation will be kept by the Communications Officer/Recorder. Minutes of the February 10, 2001 Meeting were posted to Baen's Bar on February 14, 2001. The Reports were distributed on February 9, 2001 before the meeting to all board members.
  2. Dailey suggests the following items be added to the agenda for next week, or a future meeting:
  3. We stuck around for about 30 minutes or so chatting about what the future might hold for us and wondering if anyone else was going to show up. I knew Judith, Mike P, Virginia and maybe Jody would not be there. The saw the message from the Chair, but didn't know about Evan and sorry we missed Walt.

    Submitted by Janet Dailey, Commo/Recorder, February 26, 2001

    Reports for February 26, 2001 Board Minutes, consolidated.

    Treasurer's Report, submitted by Mike Preston, February 23, 2001

    No change from last report.

    Technical Report, none

    Requirement Report, expected and update from Jody Dorsett, Chair that Jimmy would have everything and the hookup would take place this next week.

    Commo Report, submitted by Janet Dailey, Chair February 23, 2001

    Recap since last report (Feb 16):

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