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Audio books, some complete and some abridged, may be purchased over the Internet. Audio computer games, which can be enjoyed by all, are available too.

Last revised: January 15, 2008.

Audio Books provides downloadable spoken audio.

Downloadable audio books, MP3 or WMA, for most players.

Audio Books Direct
An Australian audio-book store, shipping worldwide. Many genres; cassette, CD, MP3..

Classic titles to be downloaded. Fiction, fact, children's books.

Audio Books on Compact Disc, Inc.
Large selection; audio on compact discs only.

Audio Books Online
Cassette, CD, MP3. Ships worldwide.

New Audio for Books
Articles and reviews of suppliers of audiobooks and of speech recognition software (and more).

New Audio Text
CDs and tapes: science fiction, and biology texts and study guides.

A warehouse of used audio books.

Blackstone Audiobooks
Cassettes and CDs for rent or purchase (U.S. and Canada only); MP3 for purchase.

Bolinda Publishing
On-line bookstore, large print and audio (cassette, CD, MP3). Located in Australia; sells worldwide.

Books in Motion
Unabridged audio books, both cassette and CD.

New Books On Board
Ebooks and audio books. Online sales only.

Books on Tape
Unabridged audiobooks and more. Movies as audiobooks, even. On CD and MP3 too.
Recent and popular books, in digital form, to be read with a variety of reading devices and software programs. U.S. residents; must have a qualifying disability: visual impairments and blindness, reading disabilities, or physical impairments that make it difficult or impossible to read printed books.

The audiobook, MP3, section of Fictionwise ebooks.

The Fiction Works
Publisher of many genres, in audio, e-form, and paperback. Has a Free eBook Library too.

An imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers. Distinguished authors and readers.

The House of Oojah
Audiobooks (tape, MP3) in stock. Sells to Australia, New Zealand, U.K., U.S., etc. Located in Adelaide, South Australia

Audio science fiction: tapes or CDs.

iTunes Audio Books
Downloadable udio books for the iPod.

Free public-domain audio books.
Thousands of downloadable audio books, in mp3 or wma.

Software for your hardware, and books to be read. Website is available in English, Spanish, French, and German.

NLS for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
National Library Service; government program supplying books in Braille or audio, "that all may read." Limited supply, though. But it does have a couple science fiction magazines available: Analog and Asimov's.

New Sound Books
Downloadable audio books: MP3, iPod, or CD.

NorthStar Audio Books
Producer and direct seller of unabridged audio books.
Free audio books in podcast format. Downloadable to computer and transferable to other equipment.

Random House Audio Publishing Group
Both abridged and unabridged, on cassette and CD.

Recorded Books, LLC
Unabridged audiobooks in many genres.

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic
Cassettes and CDs for those with a documented disability that limits use of standard print.

Simply Audiobooks
Buy or rent, many genres.

The Spoken Alexandria Project
Free audiobook downloads.

Stricker Books
Large print, audio, video. Toronto ON Canada.

Telltale Weekly
Audio book downloads: low cost, no DRM, several formats.

Audio Games

Accessible Games
Games written by the blind for the blind.
A portal to and reviews of new and challenging games for all.

Adora Entertainment
Home of ESP Softworks. Audio-based computer games.

A computer game designed to be used by both sighted and blind.

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