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The links below are to sources of books, and shorter works, published electronically, for reading on the computer screen, or downloading to e-readers. DRM (Digital Rights Management) leads many publishers to limit the formats they use for electronic publishing, and e-readers also have DRM limitations built in. Research before purchase to be sure that the desired books will work on the available e-reader is a good idea!

A properly equipped computer can read e-books aloud; downloaded, these can be given to a Braille notepad. Most sites require payment, but there are a few which provide books for free.

Ask your local public library for NetLibrary, a lender of downloadable e-books in several languages; these books can, through your public library, be downloaded from your home. Remember, librarians want everyone to read!

Last revised: January 15, 2008.
Australian e-book newsletter, covering the world.

eBook Readers

µBook Reader
Ebook reader for Windows and Pocket PCs that can read HTML, TXT, RTF, PDB and PRC (not secure) ebook files. Lots of features.

Texas Instruments
TI-Reader Converter: software to load text onto a TI calculator. Pre-Beta.

Internet Book List
Database of book publication info; reviews being written.

Accessible Book Collection
A non-profit corporation, providing digital text to persons with disabilities. Individuals are eligible if they have a documented disability that prevents them from reading standard print effectively.

Atlantic Bridge
An e-publisher: various genres.

Awe-Struck E-Books
E-books available in six formats. Trade paper too.

Baen Free Library
Complete novels, and shorter works, supplied free, by Baen Books, publisher of most of the original printed editions, with author's consent (or at author's direction). Some authors have put up books they've had published elsewhere. Available in nearly every format.

Belgrave House ebooks
Out-of-print popular fiction reissued as ebooks. No SF, but mystery, romance, etc..

BeWrite Books
Primarily an e-publisher of short stories, but offers a number of works electronically or in paperback. UK

Biblioteka Maksima Moshkova
Maksim Moshkov's library of SF. Much on-line fiction, for those who read Russian.

Partly a search engine for electronic fiction sites, partly a publisher.
Recent and popular books, in digital form, to be read with a variety of reading devices and software programs. U.S. residents; must have a qualifying disability: visual impairments and blindness, reading disabilities, or physical impairments that make it difficult or impossible to read printed books. U.S. only.

Books for a Buck
An independent e-publisher

New Books On Board
Ebooks and audio books. Online sales only.

The CellBooks library
A growing selection of free ebooks for your mobile phone.

Double Dragon Publishing Inc.
Double Dragon eBooks, a Canadian-based publisher.

Easy-Reading: Parnassus on the Web
Large-print ebooks, hints on making any ebook large print, and tricks to make ebooks easier on the reader.
Fiction and non-fiction downloadable ebooks.

Ebooks libres & gratuits
Free ebooks: classics in French, like Verne.
E-book store, publisher of the e-book edition for many big-name publishing houses.

On-line publisher dedicated to bringing out-of-print books back in electronic form.
An e-book publisher of both new books and reprints.

Fairgo E-Books
An internet publisher of fiction.

Fatcat Press
E-publisher in several genres. Download .prc or .pdf format, or opt for .pdf on disk sent by snailmail.
New books. Some unencrypted, MultiFormat eBooks; some encrypted Secure eBooks, in one or more formats.

The Fiction Works
Publisher of many genres, in audio, e-form, and paperback. Has a Free eBook Library too.

Free Books
Links to free e-books, many genres, all over the world. And to e-books for sale.

Free Speculative Fiction Online
Links to stories and novels posted on line, by author or publisher.

Free Baen to Disabled
Baen ebooks now free to challenged readers: blindness, dyslexia, paralysis, amputation, disabled vets. Registration at WebScriptions is being handled by ReadAssist: Free WebScriptions Registration

Hard Shell Word Factory
Established and new authors, available by download or as disks-in-the-mail. Most are also available in trade paper.

HarperCollins e-books
Several genres. Four stores serving different areas of the world:

Hidden Knowledge
SF and adventure e-books, both new and classic reprints.

International Children's Digital Library
Books for ages 3 to 13, available on the computer, in a number of languages.

Internet Public Library
IPL is a collection of links to on-line fiction. Search by author, title, or Dewey classification.
Books from the public domain, in e-form.

Software for your hardware, and books to be read. Website is available in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Mundania Press
Publisher of many genres. Some books in e-form as well as printed.

The National Academies Press
No fiction; science, engineering, and health books on line.

The On-Line Books Page
A website that facilitates access to books that are freely readable over the Internet, founded and edited by a digital library planner and researcher at the University of Pennsylvania.

Penguin Group (USA)
E-books from the Penguin Group in the U.S.

Powell's Books
The e-book section of this store, since 1994.

Project Gutenberg
"Fine literature digitally re-published." Everything on this site is in the public domain in the U.S. (not necessarily elsewhere), that is, not under copyright—which means it's all old. But it's an easy way to read Alice in Wonderland or Moby Dick—and some books published as late 1963, as Project Gutenberg investigates these later works to see if the copyright was renewed.
For the index to the science fiction and fantasy at Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg of Australia
An organization offering free downloads of books, with no DRM, that are in the public domain in Australia. PGA also has some copyrighted books, at the request of the copyright holders; downloading these books has some restrictions.

Projekt Runeberg
A sister site of Project Gutenberg. Free downloads of Nordic (Scandinavian) literature. The homepage of this site is written in Swedish and English.

New Read Print
A free on-line library. Many public-domain books.

SF Fantasy Books on Line
Links to full text, completely free science fiction and fantasy stories to be found on the Internet (courtesy Hour of the Wolf).

New Swimming Kangaroo Books
Epublisher of books (also available in print) and short stories, many genres.

Twilight Times Books
Digital publishing of speculative fiction, mysteries, and New Age novels.

E-book to cell phone, page by page.

The Vintage Library
Stories from pulp magazines and radio. And literature too. Sells worldwide.

Science fiction from several SF publishers, sometimes from the authors. Includes monthly electronic publication of Baen Books' list, at low prices, before the treeware gets to the stores. Payment accepted in several ways. Available in nearly every format. No DRM.

World eBook Library Consortia
An on-line library, 400,000+ titles. Some free in HTML; many more available to members, for a small annual fee, in PDF. Physically disabled individuals can get complimentary subscriptions (free!); send a request to

The links listed above are provided for your information. ReadAssist does not endorse any product or service offered in these websites. Please read all information (including privacy and customer information, warranties and product descriptions) carefully. While ReadAssist makes every effort to be sure all links are to current websites, we cannot guarantee such.