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Home pages of science fiction and fantasy magazines, both e and printed. Every magazine has a different flavor, a different sub-set of sub-genres. Some of the contents of the printed magazines are available at these sites. Of course, subscription information is available.

Last revised: January 15, 2008.

New Æon Speculative Fiction
Quarterly electronic magazine. Science fiction, fantasy, horror; fact too.

The Altair Accretion
Webzine: fiction, Canadian film guide, etc.

Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Analog, the oldest continuously published SF magazine (1930), is often considered the magazine where science fiction grew up. Before 1961, it was named Astounding Science Fiction, and is often referred to as ASF. Also available in e-form, many formats.

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
ASIM is intended to produce quality fiction in regular doses: adventure, excitement, plunging necklines, tentacles, motorcycles, elves, singing swords, evil creatures, spaceships, and heaps of chrome.

New AntipodeanSF
On-line short-short stories, with a difference.

Asimov's Science Fiction
Asimov's publishes science fiction: stories, poems, more. Also available in e-form, many formats.

Bewildering Stories
A pseudomonthly e-mag. Fiction, poetry, drama, articles, reviews, art, and/or music.

Black Gate
Adventures in fantasy literature.

Challenging Destiny
Canadian science fiction and fantasy short story magazine, publishing authors from all over the world.

New Clarkesworld Magazine
On-line science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

A magazine published in Sydney, Australia; subscriptions available worldwide.

Darker Matter
Free on-line magazine.

Dark Moon Rising
Science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Electric Velocipede
A small on-line zine, published twice a year.

Escape Pod
Weekly podcast of science fiction and fantasy.

Folklore and speculative fiction.

Fantasy & Science Fiction
Founded in 1949, original publisher of many of the classics. Also available in e-form, many formats, and in audio.

Free on-line quarterly magazine.

Infinite Matrix
Webzine: new science fiction, reviews, essays.

Britain's leading science-fiction and fantasy magazine, founded in 1982. Available on-line through Fictionwise (links provided at Interzone's website).

On-line bi-monthly magazine, with no DRM, in many formats. Science fiction, fantasy, and fact.

Leading Edge
Science fiction and fantasy; some samples available on line.

Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine
Stories, articles, and reviews. Victoria, B.C., Canada

On Spec
Print-only Canadian quarterly.

A German magazine for fans of fantastic literature and media.

Planet Magazine
Free electronic quarterly of short science fiction and fantasy.

Quantum Muse
Short stories from new and aspiring writers.

Raven Electrick
Eclectic, with subgenres ranging from "cyberpunk" to "cozy" sleuth, sword and sorcery to hardboiled "noir," space opera to vampire yarn, and anything in between.

An online daily magazine and community dedicated to celebrating the best in science fiction, fantasy, comics, anime, and gaming.

Strange Horizons
A weekly web-based magazine of and about speculative fiction.

Surprising Stories
An e-magazine, published three times a year. Stories, poetry, articles, editorials.

Science fiction and dark fantasy.

TTA Press
A U.K. publisher of several magazines, in various genres.

Information, Reviews

British sf/fan newsletter.

El Archivo de Nessus
A magazine from Spain, about science fiction written in or translated into Spanish. Reviews, articles, interviews.

Books 'n' Bytes
Reviews, information about authors, etc.

The on-line home of the professional news and trade journal.

Ebook news, reviews, and information.

Leigh Kimmell Bookstore
On-line reviews.

Locus Online
An information and review magazine.

A speculative fiction Web zine that's been published continuously since 1996. It's part-blog, part-webzine, publishing articles, reviews and editorials about science fiction, fantasy, and horror with heroic and/or libertarian overtones.

Sci Fi Weekly
News and commentary.

The Science Fact and Fiction Concatenation
Web edition of a fanzine; reviews of books, movies, convention reports, as seen from the U.K.

SF Crowsnest
European magazine: news, articles, and gossip. And the website has a lot of fun stuff. (Formerly: Computer Crow's Nest.)

Opinions of the books you're thinking of buying.

Sitio de Ciencia-Ficción
A magazine out of Mexico, about science fiction available in Spanish (original and translated). Reviews and stories. Chat.

Strange Words
Articles and reviews.

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Términus Trántor
A magazine from Spain.

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