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Get the old-fashioned codex delivered to your door. The big chains are here, but so are small publishers who sell direct, independent science fiction and fantasy stores, and used book stores which specialize in science fiction and fantasy. The first several Independents on the list don't actually have stores, selling only at conventions or over the Web.

Last revised: January 15, 2008.


Book Reviews by
When you can't remember the title or author, choose from hundreds of plot, theme, character, and setting options to find precisely what you're looking for! Books and movies.

Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections
For all who remember a title, or an author, but don't remember which anthology the story was in. Indexes all books through 1983.

New Loganberry Books: Nostalgia
Stump the Bookseller: for a small fee, identification of children's books from vague memories.


Books & Book Collecting
A convenient interface to the many resources available on the Internet focusing on books for collectors. Here you'll find tools, information, and access to information.

Types of supplier:

Independent Stores Web Searchers Chains and Publishers

Independent Stores
National marketing campaign on behalf of the independent bookstores of America. Find the local independent with the books you want that is nearest you.

Geographic Areas

Internet United States Canada Australia and New Zealand UK and Ireland Continental Europe

Independent Stores: Internet (and Conventions)

Adventures in Crime and Space
Both new and used science fiction, fantasy, and mystery. Currently on-line only, from Austin, Texas.

Bev's Books & Collectibles
Internet sales of classic books (mostly children's books).

Blue Rectangle
Buy used; sell new and used. And video reviews of books.

The Book Depository
Book distributor: headquarters in Gloucester UK; international sales.

Book Hunter Press
Used Book Lover's Guides. Find used bookstores that don't necessarily have websites.

Book Closeouts
Hardcovers, at deep discount prices.

Used book exchange. Multi-lingual.

New Elliott Books
Specialty on-line store: autographed first edition hardbacks. Mystery/thriller and science fiction/fantasy.

Infinite Worlds
Formerly Dangerous Visions. New, used, and rare science fiction, fantasy, and horror. An on-line store only.

John Jamison, Bookseller
Used and rare Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Mystery books.

LEA Book Distributors
Libros de España y América. Will search for any book published in English or in Spanish.

The Missing Volume
Specializing in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery & Fiction. Web-site and convention dealer rooms only.

New A Mystical Unicorn
Used paperbacks of many genres. Online sales only. Ships from U.S. or Canada, depending.

Nebula Science Fiction and Fantasy Bookstore
An Internet store."

Pywrit Fiction Used Books. Specializing in used and rare Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, & Romance novels and paperback books.

Realms of Fantasy Books
Internet sales of SF&F; and horror from the U.K. and small U.S. presses.

Sci Fi, etc.
New and used books.

SciFiFantasy Books
Hard to find, out of print, used, and rare. Books and science fiction magazines. Conventions and Internet sales.

New T. Anderson Books
Vintage, rare, and collectible science fiction. Books and magazines.

The Vintage Library
Stories from pulp magazines and radio. And literature too. Sells worldwide.

Geography Choice
Type of Supplier

Independent Stores: United States

Large Print
Seller of Large Print books, from many genres, in English and in Spanish. U.S.A.

Bent Cover
The Bent Cover Bookstore, with interesting fan-help pages. Phoenix, Arizona.

That Bookstore in Blytheville
Many genres, many many titles. Children's book club. Blytheville AR

The Other Change of Hobbit
Science fiction and fantasy. Berkeley, California.

Brick-and-mortar in Menlo Park CA.

Vroman's Bookstore
Large store, with all kinds of books. Pasadena, California.

Mysterious Galaxy
Books of Martians, murder, magic, and mayhem. San Diego, California.

Massoglia Books
Used and collectible paperbacks and hardcovers, including Large Print books. San Fernando Valley CA.

Tattered Cover On Line
Large local independent. Denver, Colorado.

West Side Books
New, used, scarce and unusual; vintage children's books. Denver, Colorado.

Olsson's Books
New and used books and records. On-line sales, and several locations in Washington DC.

Hyde Brothers, Booksellers
Lots of used books. Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

EDGE Books
New and used sf books. Deals at conventions. Kentwood, Louisiana.

Wonder Book and Video
Used books. Large on-line business. Three locations in Frederick and Hagerstown, Maryland.

The Dawn Treader Book Shop
Used and rare books. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Nicola's Books
General bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Curious Book Shop
Rare book shop. Current paperbacks, old classics, pulp magazines. East Lansing, Michigan.

Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore
Uncle Hugo's often has autographed Bujold books. This website includes Uncle Edgar's Mystery Bookstore. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

DreamHaven Books
Science fiction, fantasy, horror, film and media books, comic books, and role-playing games. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Many genres, lots of first editions. Includes OZ Young Readers Gallery. Order over the web or visit the store. Jackson MS

Page One Bookstore
On-line, phone, and store. Albuquerque NM

Page One, Too!
Used and rare. Branch of Page One Bookstore. Albuquerque NM

Title Wave Books
Used books. Albuquerque NM.

COAS: My Bookstore
New and used, all genres. Las Cruces NM

Flights of Fantasy
Books (new and used) and games. Loudonville NY

The Book Loft of German Village
Lots and lots of new books at bargain prices. Columbus, Ohio.

Joseph-Beth Books
Independent group of stores. Shop on line. Lexington KY, Cincinnati and Cleveland OH, Pittsburgh PA.

New Loganberry Books
Used books; one specialty is children's books. Cleveland OH

Large independent, many genres. Portland OR

Burke's Book Store, Inc.
New, used, and collectible books. Accepts check for electronic order. Since 1875. Memphis TN

Curio Corner Books
Used and rare, hard to find books. Austin TX

Murder by the Book
Primarily mysteries, both new and used, but the store has one section labeled "Fantasy Murder"—Asaro, Bujold, Pratchett, many more. Houston TX.

Lady Jayne’s Books
Video-related books and collectibles. Tacoma WA

U. of Washington Bookstore
All kinds of books. Seattle WA

Geography Choice
Type of Supplier

Independent Stores: Canada

Sentry Box
Interstellar Escape Cellar. Anime, miniatures, gaming, as well as science fiction and fantasy books. Calgary, Alberta.

White Dwarf Books
Specializing in fantasy and science fiction. Vancouver, British Columbia.

Seaside Book and Stamp
SF/Fantasy books, and philately. The book inventory is available on line. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Bakka-Phoenix Science Fiction Bookstore
New and used SF. Toronto ON

Girasol Collectables
Pulp magazines, posters, art, etc. Missassauga ON

Jamie Fraser Books
Used books and pulp magazines, Toronto ON

Stricker Books
Large print, audio, video. Toronto ON Canada.

Geography Choice
Type of Supplier

Independent Stores: Australia and New Zealand

Bolinda Publishing
On-line bookstore, large print and audio. Located in Australia; sells worldwide.

Gaslight Books
Crime and detective fiction; science fiction, fantasy and horror. Canberra, Australia

Infinitas Bookshop
Science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Parramatta NSW, Australia.

Galaxy Bookshop
Science fiction, fantasy, and horror, since 1975. Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Barbara's Books
Fantasy, romance, science fiction. Auckland, New Zealand.

Stackstreet Books
Specializes in rare literature, first editions, science fiction, and poetry. Auckland, New Zealand

Geography Choice
Type of Supplier

Independent Stores: United Kingdom and Ireland

Transreal Fiction
Fantasy and science fiction. Calendars, board games, plush animals, and more (especially Tolkein items). Brick and mortar only. Edinburgh

Hay-on-Wye bookshops
Hay-on-Wye is a town in Wales, known best for its numerous booksellers, listed here.

The Fantasy Centre
Used, out-of-print and rare science fiction, fantasy, and horror; entire field, including early and recent magazines, hardcover and paperback editions, reference books, and so on. London UK

Quest 2nd Hand Bookshop
An on-line store for secondhand books. An especial interest in fantasy fiction and British and Russian history.

Porcupine Books
Rare, curious, and unusual books. Ilford (Essex).

Geography Choice
Type of Supplier

Independent Stores: Continental Europe

Bookstores (and publisher), with books of many genres, in both original languages and translations into Croatian. On-line, or stores in Zagreb, Osijek, Split, Dubrovnik, Pula, Varazdin -- Croatia.

Fantask Online
Books, action figures, etc. Denmark.

Morgen Welt
Fantasy store: books, comics, RPG. Berlin, Germany.

Books, video tie-ins, comics, games. Oslo, Bergen, Kristiansand, Stavanger, and Trondheim, Norway

Science Fiction Bokhandeln
Located in the Old Town of Stockholm, Sweden.

Geography Choice
Type of Supplier

Web Searchers

These links are to search engines that search the on-line inventories of used book stores for the particular book or author being sought.

Advanced Book Exchange, Inc.
A network of over 10,000 indpendent booksellers.

Web-purchase from independent booksellers, publishers, and distributors.

Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America
Mission: to promote ethical standards and professionalism in the antiquarian book trade, to encourage the collecting and preservation of antiquarian books and related materials, to support educational programs and research into the study of antiquarian books, and to facilitate collegial relations between booksellers, librarians, scholars, and collectors.

A marketplace for used and rare books of many genres.
International book-selling website, available in English, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, Español
A one-stop search site, covering 40,000 sellers of new, used, rare, and out-of-print books.
A co-op, of several book stores handling used and rare books.

Type of Supplier

Chains and Publishers

The publishers on this list sell directly rather than (or in addition to) through stores. sells only over the Internet. International sites; see the list of links at the bottom of the page.

Arkham House
Lovecraftian, of course.

Awe-Struck E-Books
E-book publisher, adding trade-paper format.

Babbage Press
Publisher of speculative fiction.

Barnes &
Barnes & Noble on line.

BenBella Books
A direct-marketing publisher of SF and popular culture.

BeWrite Books
Primarily an e-publisher of short stories, but offers a number of works electronically or in paperback. UK

Books a Million
A discount chain.

Crystal Dreams Publications
A division of Multi-Media Publications, Inc. everal genres.

EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Fantasy and science fiction; hardcover and trade paper. Includes Tesseract Books. Calgary, Alberta.

Haffner Press
A very small press, publishing a very few, but classic, authors.

The Fiction Works
Publisher of many genres, in audio, e-form, and paperback. Has a Free eBook Library too.

For your entertainment. On-line sales of books, games, music, etc. Physical stores around the U.S. too.

McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers
Scholarly and reference books, Jefferson NC.

MageSpell Press
A very small publisher, selling directly to the reader.

Mundania Press
A new and growing publisher. Various genres; young adult too.

The New England Science Fiction Association, Inc. publishes books honoring single authors: sometimes a large (trade) paperback or hardcover reprint of a book that has previously appeared only in small (mass market) paperback; sometimes a series of books reprinting classic works. It also publishes reference works of use to fans and students.

New Old Earth Books
New publications of classics like Doc Smith and Clifford D. Simak.

Random House Large Print
Publishes large print editions for Random House (Ballantine and Del Rey).

Red Deer Press
Literary fiction, nonfiction, childrenís illustrated books, juvenile fiction, teen fiction, drama and poetry, by and about Canadians.

Small publisher of science fiction and more. Bayside CA.

New James A. Rock & Company, Publishers
Many genres. New; reprints of out-of-print books.

New Subterranean Press
A specialty press: horror, suspense, dark mystery, science fiction books. Magazine too.

Thorndike Press
Publisher of Large Print books.

Ulverscroft Group
Publisher of large-print books, with a separate page for each of seven English-speaking countries.

Wildside Press, LLC.
Wide variety of genres; several classic SF authors.

New Wordhouse
Translator and publisher of Indian (Bengali) literature in English-language paperbacks. Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

New Wyrm Publishing
Limited edition, signed hardcovers. Chapbooks of Clarkesworld Magazine and its trade paper anthology.

Yard Dog Press
A privately owned micro-press, founded in 1996.

Type of Supplier

The links listed above are provided for your information. ReadAssist does not endorse any product or service offered in these websites. Please read all information (including privacy and customer information, warranties and product descriptions) carefully. While ReadAssist makes every effort to be sure all links are to current websites, we cannot guarantee such.