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What is ReadAssist E-book Service?

Baen Books has made available its entire catalogue of e-books to people who have a reading disability. This can be visual impairment or physical inability to hold a book. You must just certify that you have a reading disability. Due to the generosity of Jim Baen and Baen Books it is totally free to deserving individuals.

What hardware and software do I need to read these books?

Nothing special. If you have a computer, you can access Baen's E-books. Baen's catalogue is available in almost every format. Furthermore, ReadAssist may be able to help select individuals as we did with Jimmy G.

What do I have to do to qualify?

Simply fill out the form below. We will ask your name, your address, a contact phone number and a valid email address. We will also ask you to state your disability and the name, address and phone number of a health professional who can verify your disability. Our mission is to provide service to first, disabled veterans and second, to those with physical disabilities that prevent them from holding a printed book, or reading them because of vision issues. Dyslexics may not qualify because their disability does not always preclude employment and text to speech programs are free. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis. We do not share any information you provide with anyone, except to send your email address to Baen Books.

How long does it take?

Initial enrollment may be quick or slow, we're an all volunteer operation. Your application is sent and computer-reviewed by us. The people at Webscriptions, Baenís e-book seller, will receive an order with your e-mail address only and send you a password to access your account.

What if someone cheats?

First, it means that person is a very bad person who is stealing services from the disabled. It is like stealing from the collection plate or vandalizing your kid sister's favorite toy. Don't do it. If you can afford to buy the books and the readers please think about that before you apply. We don't 'means test' anyone but our resources are finite.

We also have a statement at the end of the form that says that you affirm that you are truly disabled, that if you knowingly cheat on this form you may be liable for the full market value of the books you have downloaded.

Need to contact us?

If you need to ask a question, email or write us at the address given on the Contact Us page (see button at the top of this page).

Disabled Veteran or getting living assistance?

You are eligible! Just put your eligibility date and percentage in the disability block, e.g. 'VA disabled 3 Mar 98, 40%.'

Required fields are marked with an asterisk '*'

Your Information
* Name
* Street Address
More Street Address
* City
* State or Province * ZIP (Postal) Code
* Country
* Email * Telephone Number
* Affected by Disability: Vision Motion Dyslexia Other
* Type and Extent of Disability:

Your Healthcare Professional's Information
* Name
* Street Address
More Street Address
* City
* State or Province * ZIP (Postal) Code
* Country
* Telephone

I affirm that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I agree that if it is found that I am knowingly falsifying information in order to obtain these services I may be liable for the full market price of the books I downloaded. uses security protocols that are the same as if you were sending credit card information to your favorite on-line vendor.† We will never, for any reason, release any information about you to anyone.† In fact, neither Baen Books nor Webscriptions will receive any personal information about you other than the valid e-mail address you give us.

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